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Bringing the best medical professionals to public and private hospitals

Boutique recruitment specialising in the placement of high-quality Anaesthetic assistant’s, recovery room and theatre personnel.

Specialist Medical Staff Recruitment

Precision Medistaff


We understand the complexities of modern medicine, how hospitals work, and the importance of safe staff.


Our staff are vigorously screened, and hand selected so you can rest assured we supply competent, experienced, and appropriately trained personnel.

Precision Medistaff


We pride ourselves and our reputation on reliablity.


We do not employe unreliable staff, it is as simple as that.

Precision Medistaff


We take exceptional pride in the quality of our staff.


Our highly skilled and competent staff will exceed your expectations. We are regularly complemented about our staff.

Our Partners

We provide excellent staff to a spectrum of hospitals. We service both the public and private sectors from small day hospitals to large tertiary institutions.

Precision Medistaff

Medical staff looking for work

We are a small, predominantly hospital based, dedicated temp agency where we help you find additional shifts with an hourly rate higher than traditionally available to you.


We select the best Anaesthesia Nurses, Technicians, Theatre staff and match them with shifts at excellent private and public hospitals.

Precision Medistaff

Hospitals & medical facilities looking for staff

Whether you are a large hospital, a small day surgery or an aged care facility, our hand selected, well trained staff are ready to cover any shortages you may have.


We cover both Tertiary Public and Private institutions. We service a range of subspecialty areas and understand the importance of ensuring the agency staff  have the appropriate experience and skill set you require. 

Precision Medistaff

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7 Stuart Street
Mosman Park, WA 6012

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