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Precision Medistaff

Competitive Hourly Rate

We offer competitive rates, often higher than other Perth medical recruitment agencies.

Precision Medistaff

Work when & where you choose

We offer the flexibility of choosing your own working hours and working close to home.

Precision Medistaff

PAYG or independent contractor

We provide the flexibility to allow you to work either as independent contractor or the more traditional PAYG model

Precision Medistaff

Private & Public Hospital Partners

Shifts are available at excellent private and public hospitals

Precision Medistaff


We understand the complexities of modern medicine, how hospitals work, and the importance of safe staff.


Our staff are vigorously screened, and hand selected so you can rest assured we supply competent, experienced, and appropriately trained personnel.

Precision Medistaff


We pride ourselves and our reputation on reliablity.


We do not employe unreliable staff, it is as simple as that.

Precision Medistaff


We take exceptional pride in the quality of our staff.


Our highly skilled and competent staff will exceed your expectations. We are regularly complemented about our staff.

Get shifts at excellent public and private  hospitals

We help Anaesthesia Nurses, Technicians, Theatre Staff and medical professionals find additional shifts or longer term work  with a higher hourly rate than traditionally available.

Anaesthetic Assistants 

Anaesthetics is currently a big area of need. We pride ourselves  in providing high quality staff and  understand the clinical importance of  safe and skilled Anaesthetic assistants.


We take particular care to ensure that people are placed within their comfort zone.


We will always check with you before asking you to cover subspecialty areas such as Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Cardiac.


Recovery continues to be an area of demand.


We can advocate for you and ensure you only work in areas you are comfortable in. For example, if you are not experienced in Paediatrics we can ensure you are not required to do this.


If you do have Paediatric experience please be sure to let us know as this is an area of particular demand.

Theatre Personnel

Theatre Scrub Nurses are in high demand.


We can advocate for you and ensure you only work in areas you are comfortable with, simply let us know the surgical specialities you are prepared to work in and we will negotiate this with the hospitals.

Specialised personel

The right staff for the right role

Boutique recruitment specializing in the placement of high-quality Anaesthetic assistant’s, recovery room and theatre personnel.

Perth Medical Recruitment Agency

We have shifts available now

Perth's Premier Medical Recruiter

Contact Us

Send us a contact form or get in touch on the below details with any medical recruitment enquires, and we'll get back to you as soon possible.

7 Stuart Street
Mosman Park, WA 6012

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How does it work?

We select the best Anaesthesia Nurses, Technicians, Theatre staff and match them with shifts at excellent private and public hospitals.


Fundamentally, we value and respect medical staff and are more than aware that hospitals, medical institutions and doctors cannot function without your skilled care.


If you are enthusiastic, motivated, reliable, and are interested in having the flexibility of choosing your own working hours, working close to where you live and at a higher rate than most other agencies, contact us.

Precision Medistaff

Manage shifts on the go with the Precision Medistaff App

Manage your shifts on the go with our dedicated Precision Medistaff Mobile App, now available on Android & IOS.

Get instant notifications of new shift opportunities and respond in real time. 

Visualise your schedule, keep track of workdays, and seamlessly add these shifts to your calendar for a more organised overview of your workload. 

Communicate in-app with shift administrators to address any concerns, ask questions or provide necessary information.

Available on Android & iOS

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